Ten DIY ways to check your white privliege

  1. Read more books.

  2. Go out of my comfort zone and experience parts of the world which I am unfamilier with.

  3. Check others when their privilege is causing, using tactics which gives the person being checked access to alternative decision-making process and/or an alternative path to take.

  4. Listen instead of speaking and accept that compromise IS the objective

  5. Never expect personal recognition for my work.

  6. Get my hands dirty every once in a while.

  7. Remember why they invented the phrase “first-world problems”

  8. Check in with my neighbors and my community on a regular basis, and to weigh the needs of both against my own.

  9. Weigh the needs of myself, my neighbors, and my community against the needs of the next seven generations of each to come.

  10. Remember that I am blind to my own privilege, but that if I trust in my friends and my community I can form an outline around its otherwise negative space.

  11. BOUNS Relieve someone of a burden which is preventing them from completing something on this list