Two Letters resulting from the Cincy DIY Mediation Committee

 Pieces may be edited one more time before publication. I will update the pieces as they become available.

1. A public letter to the city-wide community:

Coulter Loeb has participated in our Cincinnati D.I.Y. conflict mediation process to address and resolve several outstanding conflicts he has had with the community. These meditations have yielded tangible results towards: addressing and comprehending a pattern of sexual violence and problematic interpersonal relationships;  laying out concrete steps to not repeat them; and, building the foundations for restitution on Coulter’s behalf. A significant portion of Coulter’s progress was made after he was able to recall being sexually attacked at the age of twelve. Because of Coulter’s progress we will begin reaching out to communities from which he has been alienated and begin to seek reconnection and restoration.

Coulter's actions have been damaging to many in the community. However, from what we've been able to ascertain there are a certain few rumors about Coulter that are either taken with liberty or we cannot prove actually happened. Coulter has made considerable strides towards holding himself accountable to the victims who have come forward to be involved in mediation, but an ongoing hindrance has been a few allegations against him that have been difficult for the committee to verify. This is not to vindicate Coulter, but rather to obtain a full reckoning of his actions on others and to suss out the truths from untruths in his alienation. Those of us working directly with Coulter do not feel he is presently dangerous. For these accusations we do make a point to verify with the person making the accusation, and that person still has the opportunity to come forward if they do choose, but in the majority of the cases the person accusing have not responded to our inquiries to verify them. . Coulter would like the community to know that he welcomes open and transparent discussion regarding the circumstances surrounding his alienation.

We do not demand or expect that victims who are unwilling to engage in mediation come forward with their stories. But for those who wish to share their story we will keep your information confidential. Our goal is to hold Coulter accountable for his actions and to explore ways in which Coulter can restore or replace what he has damaged. To do so it is important to have transparency in understanding what Coulter is accused of doing and accountability in telling the truth. For those who have experiences where Coulter has assaulted, threatened or harmed you in any way, please contact us at

2. A general form for a letter to the smaller tribes

My name is Ryan Hall. I helped start, and am currently involved in, the Cincinnati D.I.Y. Conflict Mediation Committee. Our group tries to connect people who are in conflict by sitting down to meet face-to-face and, with the assistance of a mediator, discuss the conflict and begin to figure out how to fix the issue. With restorative justice at the core of this process, we try to develop personal accountability on a case-by-case basis.

Coulter Loeb is one of the very first candidates to elect to be a part of our experimental process since we started work last year. I have personally been working with Coulter to help him find accountability for the ongoing conflicts in his life. The majority of these issues revolved around his pattern of sexual violence. Over the past year Coulter has found a better understanding of what he was, what he did, and why he did it. He has recalled the memory of being sexually assaulted as a prepubescent minor, and comprehends how this exposure to sexual violence perpetuated his own patterns of abuse. He has begun the process of recovery from his trauma.

Coulter has come recognize, despite his exposure to patterns of sexual violence at a young age, that the participation in those patterns was his own. He recognizes that while the pain he caused was to people, the trauma he caused was to communities. He accepts every rumor is rooted in a kernel of truth: that he participated in a cycle of sexual violence which is endemic to our whole society. He recognizes that his participation is the reason for being disconnected from the community he once felt so connected to. Today, Coulter feels a sense of obligation to use his experiences for the purpose of preventing in himself - and others - those acts of power-based violence which brought pain and trauma to the community tribe he once violated. We would like to see him be able to do this, and so we are reaching out to you today.

This committee recognizes that in the face of Coulter's significant progress towards self-accountability, he has been repeatedly traumatized by members of the Cincy DIY community who have assaulted, isolated, harassed, stalked, and gaslit him. In many of these cases the committee is incapable of holding any individuals to account. Despite this, we believe by recognizing the multidimentional nature of the violence within our community that we can find the tools for comprehensive accountability. This process is based in the knowledge that participants like Coulter can only tell a part of the larger story of violence in our society - and that the rest of our story can only be told by the surrounding community. We would like to see the pieces come together so that we may all take a full account, and so that we can all figure out how to move forward as a community.

Through the course of Coulter's struggle to provide answers to these questions, there have been two questions which no one has been able to answer: what steps can Coulter take in order to demonstrate a comprehension of why he did the things he did; and, what actions can be taken to restore the damage done? We are reaching out to you with hope that you may be able to provide a good lead on an answer. We are looking for individuals who would be willing to sit down with both Coulter and a trained mediator to formulate steps to help him make amends for his actions and re-engage with his community. We want to see justice delivered through the acts of rebuilding and revitalizing, not retribution. We hope to bolster Coulter’s capacity to restore the things he has damaged. Would you or your group be willing to sit down and become a part of this community process?