Digital Nomad 1: the solar powered social network

For a long time now I've thought that social revolution will come with a revolution in our networks and signals engineering. Now I'm starting to think that both will result from a revolution in power engineering. Cutting our cords from the walls of our brick and mortar houses, the ability to generate our own power wherever we go will necessitate a fundamental retooling of how we stay plugged into one another on a day-to-day basis.

And so I've bit the bullet on a basic solar kit: two 20w panels, a solar generator w 14Ah buffer, and a 28.6Ah battery. Should arrive in a week or two. From there, I plan to build an electric vehicle - likely in the form of a bicycle. Upon that vehicle I'm going to install as much mesh-netting and cable-cutting technologies as I have power for.

Maybe one day our vehicles could be our computer servers, our digital homes, connected across a net stretched across same milieu interieur which facilitates connections today: our federal interstate. Every vehicle would become a data transfer node and could charge for using it's data transfers to get your message a little further up the line. 40" long truck trailers would become information powerhouses, hauling a server rack and commercial communications package right alongside of it's physical goods.

Maybe I'm just dreaming big. For now, I wait for an unboxing.