Digital Nomad 2: unboxings and first impressions

A week ago I received my solar panels (two Goal Zero Nomad 20s).

My first impression while unboxing the panels was on my wallet. Solar panels are expensive, but when I got the panels in my hands I could tell it was money well spent. Having used a panel of the same make/model in the past, I knew that a solar cell is only as efficient as the user is in tracking the sun. After unboxing, I was first surprised at how compact of a space the folded panels occupied - they both slide easily into my day bag and I've already found a snug spot for them on my pack. They could easily be made even more compact with the addition of a modular cable system to replace the mess of wire on the back, but I understand how a fixed-wire hub eliminates a lot of user error.

The panels are encased in a heavy nylon fabric. The folding joints are reinforced by what feels like a few strips of plastic - I assume this includes a ribbon cable to connect the panels. I'm curious how many times it can be folded before it breaks. The whole thing folds up onto itself and clips with a magnet embedded in the flap. There are a total of TEN lashing points along the edges of each unit. The Goal Zero name has been plastered on each panel unit no less than six times. It's annoying.

I sent the Yeti 150 back due to its sheer weight. Its a lot lighter (By about 20 lbs) than the Yeti 400 but the Aborbant Glass Mat (lead-acid) battery is still a lot heavier than the Li-NMC batteries in the newest tech.

I've carried the panels on me but never really use more than one at a time while at a cafe or on a park bench, so I have yet to chain all the tech together for a serious test of the systems. Still waiting on the Sherpa 100 to do that...

I also got an Anker 28,600mAh USB battery to serve as my primary power bank. The best deal on the battery was actually from the manufacturers website. Other retailers had the same make but lower capacity/older generations in stock for the same price as the newest one on Anker's site (buyer beware).