Solidarity in Support of the occupation of Homan Square

“Protesters in Chicago are occupying a secretive detention and police facility for the eighth consecutive day to demand its closure and lobby for police reform. The site, known as Homan Square, has been the subject of a series of Guardian investigations that revealed officials “disappeared” more than 7,000 people, mostly black men, and allegedly subjected many of them to severe abuse.

”The groups affiliated with Black Lives Matter have set up an encampment known as Freedom Square that they say they will keep running until their demands are met, including the closure of Homan Square and redirecting of its operating funds to community resources.”
— The Gaurdian - 'Chicago protesters occupy Homan Square for eighth day to demand closure' 7/29/16

Read more about Homan Square here:

    Black Lives Matter (Chicago) has organized an occupation of Homan Square, the police black site used for years to disappear thousands of minorities from the Chicago legal system and interrogate them without access to legal counsel. The mission of their occupation is to demand an immediate shutdown of all operations at Homan Square, and the removal of legislation designating the murder of a police officer a ‘hate crime’ from the floor of the Illinois state legislature.
    The tactic of occupation is a tactic of nonviolent self expression. More than just camping, occupiers utilize common ground for the express purpose of exercising their first amendment rights. As an activist, I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in their struggle against systemic violence. As an artist, I am prepared to reinforce their ranks with the munitions of the first amendment. And as a member of this society, it is my duty to ally myself to those less privileged than myself.
    In order to maintain a level of purity to my first amendment expressions, I do not solicit for my art. While occupying, all of my art is exchanged on a donation basis. I manage to (mostly) break even on my material costs, but I need your help to sustain my efforts for as long as Homan Square is still operational.  Donations will go towards these resources:

-Transportation: Megabus has tickets 2 days out for about $25 one way. Public transit, uber/lyft, and my own two feet will be my primary means of getting around the city of Chicago. With enough capital I would not only be able to find a cheap bicycle to get around (or ship my own bicycle via megabus) but also transport 7 tents of my own to support the occupation. (Goal: $150)

-Artistic materials: Oil relief paints, linoleum block, blank shirts of all sizes, fabrics of a velveteen nature, pigment solvents and extenders, carving utensils. (Goal: $200)

-Food: Any donations of food will be immediately transferred to the kitchen/supply tent on site upon my arrival. Money will be used primarily to feed myself, but surpluses will be used in support of the occupations kitchen operation. (Goal: as much as I can carry)

-Power: Yeti400 Solar Generator (33Ah battery/22W portable solar cell). This specific unit was essential to the Occupation of Kirtland Park in Cleveland, OH during the 2016 RNC. Without solar power, activists are easily cut off from legal and medical services, as well as totally silenced in their social media presence. Solar power will be shared with other activists on site. (Goal: $700)

-Communications: a 4G wireless router with at least two months of an unlimited data plan. Internet access will be shared with citizen media on site. (Goal: $150)

I hope to not only be able to reinforce the first amendment aspects of the occupation, but also keep the larger activist community informed as to the state of this particular struggle. Even though the occupation is now entering day 10, the single major media outlet to cover it has been from the UK. With enough donations I will be able to relay daily updates across my social media to activists across the world as to the status of both the occupation and its mission. Updates will include daily photography, audio interviews with activists and supporting agencies, and written stories giving personality to the movement all posted to my website.

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