Playing with Paint... (Ep. 1)

Today is my day off and I decided to play with some paint (courtesy of my aunt). I'm developing a love/hate relationship with the gold Speedball oil relief inks. When used properly it has the richest tones of any color I've played with so far, besides my all time favorite of the Speedball turquoise.

All fabric was reclaimed from my local thrift store. The grey is a sturdy faux suede, on which most colors besides the gold pressed well onto.  I also found a large selection of table napkins, from which I picked a dozen or so strong red pieces. The pale green denim with the stress patterns was also a very nice thrift store find. The best fabrics are normally 100% cotton. Any stretch to it (even 1% spandex) can make a print susceptible to warping and cracking. I've also gotten spectacular results with medium-nap, heavy-weight velvet.

I've been designing a lot lately but haven't committed anything to block in a few months. Been itching to cut something out but everything I'm working on just grows too complicated to cut in a reasonable fashion. I'm trying to get back to simple concepts... and I have an idea which I may actually decide to commit to block sooner than later.