Solar Power to the People

A group from the tri-state region is headed to North Dakota to stand in solidarity with the water protectors.

I wish there was room in the car to go with them but alas, they dont have an extra seat. They did however have room in the trunk for some solar kit, so I sent my panels and batteries out with them in support.

Any further reliance on petrochemicals to power our communities and their infrastructures just doesnt make sense. Not only might it possibly contribute to global warming, the centralization of power generation into large coal and natural gas plants leaves us open to both physical and cyber attack. A well maneuvered attack on our continental power networks could cripple entire civilizations. The only solution is to distribute our means of power generation across the entire community, and not leave all our eggs in one basket. You, yes you, need to invest in solar.

As the price of solar equipment comes down it will become more accessible to the general public. If We the People desire power, all we need to do is reach our hands toward the heavens. Make the decision today: divest into solar power to protect yourself and your future.