welcome to my website

it is both an artistic portfolio

and a blog for the transparency of my research


about me


Journalist. Printer. Photographer. Propagandist.

Today anyone can be any of those things with the tap of a smartphone. Gone is the era where the means of information mass production are controlled by only the wealthy few. Anyone with access to the fundamental technologies can change the world with globally viral media content - their personal opinions being unavoidably propagated right alongside of it. As the din of our social media grows louder every day, it becomes important to remember what it means to be human: to be creative, to be compassionate, to be industrious and free.



i study where the lines blur
between citizenry and state

I focus my lens on the 4th estate
to improve the medium before the message

i fight for the liberation of my brothers
and sisters from the hands of systemic violence

I am a pocket propagandist
and I'm already in your head


Photo: 2012 Annie Appel
Occupy NATO, Chicago IL.


the American riotline

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